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The National Institute on Drug Abuse, or NIDA, estimated in 2014 that drug trends in the Phoenix area had fallen from the latter half of 2013. Cocaine, marijuana, heroin, prescription opioids, and methamphetamine indicators fell or remained flat for the duration of the reporting period. Even so, drugs are still present and prevalent in the city and its environs. Methamphetamine seizures and arrests accounted for 22% of drug-related seizures and arrests in Phoenix as of January 2014; heroin and prescription opioids for little over 12%; marijuana 29%; and cocaine less than 10%. Alcoholism is also prevalent in Arizona, particularly on or near the Native American reservations.

Treating an addiction to any of these substances is never easy, but the process is complicated by the fact that people often abuse multiple substances at one time—alcohol and prescription drugs, for example. Psychological disorders, secondary addictions, and environmental pressures muddy the water further. If it’s one thing that the competent professionals at Phoenix Drug Treatment AZ understand, it’s that residents of Phoenix need individualized care and comprehensive rehabilitation plans in order to free themselves from their addictions. Phoenix Drug Treatment AZ makes every effort to individualize recovery regimens, creating an organic and holistic approach to rehabilitation which matches the needs of every individual patient.

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How Drug Addiction Works

Though for many years scientists and the general public both believed addiction was a moral failing on the part of the addicted person, it’s now believed to be a psychological disorder—an uncontrollable compulsion to abuse a substance. The pursuit of a certain behavior, such as using a substance, triggers the release of dopamine in the human brain. Over time, the human body becomes accustomed to this pleasurable sensation and craves it, and these cravings are nearly impossible to resist, resulting in mental addiction and perhaps even physical dependency—a condition where the user must use their drug of choice to avoid averse physical side effects. Even so-called “harmless” drugs such as cannabis can create a mental addiction (without physical side effects) in people genetically, psychologically, or environmentally predisposed to addiction. Phoenix Drug Treatment AZ can help anyone get clean, whether they have a severe physical dependency or an entrenched mental addiction.

Phoenix Drug Treatment AZ‘s calculated and time-tested rehabilitation process often begins with detoxification, which lasts three to fourteen days and is intended to purify the patient’s system of all drug residues. Qualified clinical staff will supervise this process around the clock and administer medications to mitigate or prevent the onset of severe withdrawal symptoms. After detox concludes, rehab commences and lasts for six weeks to three months. Therapists educate the patient about addiction and encourage them to open up about their experiences, while counselors teach patients real-time strategies for defeating cravings and handling negative impulses.

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How to Recognize Addiction

The signs of drug addiction and dependency are different for each drug, but there is a set of universal indicators you can use to identify whether you or a loved one has developed an addiction problem. The signs include a change in appearance (disheveled clothing and worsening hygiene), mood swings or irritability, a change in habits (old hobbies and pastimes abandoned, for example), insomnia, “spaced-out” behavior and slurred speech, secretiveness, speaking evasively about habits or hang-outs, and other such signs.

The time to get help is now. It may seem wise to go “cold turkey” and stop using your drug of choice completely—but if your addiction was long-lasting or heavy, you could suffer a horrible withdrawal. Symptoms of withdrawal—sweating, nausea, convulsions, hallucinations, or delirium—can be excruciating and life-threatening. It’s essential to get the help of a competent mental health professional to treat the underlying psychological issues which underscore many addictions. Phoenix Drug Treatment AZ‘s experts can help you heal in safety and comfort, striking at the root of your psychological state and defeating addiction at its source.

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