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According to the Centers for Disease Control, Arizona is tied with Wyoming for the fourth-highest proportion of deaths related to alcohol in the working age population. A June 2014 report by the CDC indicated that over 13% of deaths involving Arizonans between the ages of 15 and 64 were alcohol-related. Arizona was the fifth state overall for alcohol fatalities per 100,000 people. Part of the reason, epidemiologists said, was the rural nature of Arizona and poor access to care that many people in remote areas have.

The medical community defines alcoholism as a mental disorder, manifesting itself as a powerful urge to consume alcohol. Alcohol addiction is both physical and mental—an alcoholic suffers both mental and physical urges to drink, and suffers debilitating and even life-threatening withdrawal symptoms when he or she stops drinking.

Over time, heavy alcohol use can cause irreparable and serious damage to numerous parts of the body: the nerves, the brain, the cardiovascular system, the digestive system, and liver. Numerous social and lifestyle changes are also a result of alcoholism. A person addicted to alcohol may see their work or school performance decline, their neighbors, friends, or coworkers complain about their behavior, their financial situation worsen, their social life dry up, and their mind overcome by anxiety, depression, or even suicidal thoughts. In severe cases, stroke, heart attack, liver or pancreatic diseases, obesity, or diabetes may result. Alcohol-related disorders kill thousands in the United States every year, and Arizona is no exception.

Phoenix Drug Treatment AZ can step in and put a stop to your alcohol-related issues with its professional medical care and competent staff. Their top-flight facilities, amenities, and treatment philosophy can permanently end your attachment to alcohol. Phoenix Drug Treatment AZ’s qualified clinicians can usher you or your loved one safely through a period of detoxification to purify their system and mitigate withdrawal symptoms, and then the experienced therapists and counselors can work to rectify the mental disorders and other psychological issues which abetted and exacerbated the dependency problem. At Phoenix Drug Treatment AZ, the staff takes great pride in treating alcohol use disorders of all different severities safely and efficiently.

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Not many people are aware that withdrawal from alcohol is one of the most dangerous types of drug withdrawals in existence. It can even be fatal if left untreated. For this reason, it’s never a good idea to quit alcohol “cold turkey.” Such an approach is hazardous to life and limb and it leaves latent psychological issues unaddressed. It’s a better idea to leave your detoxification procedure in the hands of trained Phoenix Drug Treatment AZ physicians, who will oversee the process around the clock and administer medication as necessary to ameliorate drastic symptoms.

Phoenix Drug Treatment AZ places a high premium on the patient’s safety and comfort and the quality of their treatment plan. Each regimen is personalized for each individual and is between 45 and 90 days in duration. Phoenix Drug Treatment AZ is of the opinion that a person’s chances of full recovery are increased exponentially the longer they remain in treatment. Patients have access to family therapy, group and individual counseling sessions, superior facilities and tasteful amenities, 24-hour support from their admissions counselor and fully qualified medical staff, and supervised activities and other services. Phoenix Drug Treatment AZ prides itself on delivering the highest standard of care while treating each patient like the unique individual he or she is.

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