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It all begins with a phone call to Phoenix Drug Treatment AZ, where you’ll be put in touch with an admissions counselor. This person will be your point of contact throughout the entire treatment process and answer any questions you have. During the phone call, the counselor will ask questions to determine the scope and extent of the drug habit, the presence of co-occurring disorders such as schizophrenia, and insurance and payment options. During this initial phone call, Phoenix Drug Treatment AZ begins to build a personalized treatment regimen around you or your loved one.

Upon verification of insurance and the reservation of transportation for you or your loved one to Phoenix Drug Treatment AZ’s facility, your admissions counselor will assist you in arranging an intervention if necessary. Sometimes people have trouble admitting that they have a drug or an alcohol problem, and need to be presented with evidence of the destruction their habit is causing. Interventions are overseen by trained interventionists and consist of a congregation of the person’s friends and close family members, who discuss their concerns with the addicted individual in a non-confrontational manner. Often, this is the needed push a person needs to get into treatment—the desperation of their loved ones. Individuals are encouraged to own up to the devastating results of their drug or alcohol habit and get into a recovery program as soon as possible. Detox, rehabilitation, therapy, and counseling follow.

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Rehabilitation Facilities

Phoenix Drug Treatment AZ’s residential facility is spacious and well-appointed. Rooms are shared, and everyone has access to the kitchen, free meals and snacks, and laundry facilities. There’s also a recreation area with a large-screen TV, a pool, a large back yard, and free transportation to and from Phoenix Drug Treatment AZ’s rehabilitation center. A qualified house manager is on hand around the clock.

Phoenix Drug Treatment AZ takes a direct hand in the recovery of the patient’s mental health and well-being. Patients are thoroughly educated in the way addiction works, in the belief that this knowledge will help them avoid pitfalls and traps related to their addiction later in life. Counselors teach patients useful strategies and tips for replacing negative thoughts and impulses with positive ones, as well as ways of dealing constructively with stressors and temptations. These approaches permit patients to confront their personal demons, understand the machinations of addiction, and prepare themselves to lead a sober, fulfilling life outside the rehab facility.

Phoenix Drug Treatment AZ believes that the individualized approach is the best one. To learn how they can help you or your loved one achieve sobriety, dial (602) 884-8428.



It’s the medical team’s goal at Phoenix Drug Treatment AZ to give you or your loved one back the life he or she deserves, and to prepare them to live productively in society without need of drugs or alcohol. They also believe that recovery is an ongoing process and doesn’t end after rehab concludes. Phoenix Drug Treatment AZ can connect you to a competent counselor or therapist in Phoenix who can help you perform maintenance on your recovery and keep your journey toward sobriety going. Phoenix Drug Treatment AZ continues to support you even after rehab ends: should you relapse within a year of finishing a 90- or 45-day plan, you can re-enroll in a 28-day remedial treatment regimen for free. The highest priority is your permanent recovery at Phoenix Drug Treatment AZ.

Competent rehabilitation care is available to you. Find out more by calling Phoenix Drug Treatment AZ or visiting their website. We can help you attain permanent sobriety.