Inadequate Sleep: A Possible Link to Alcohol and Drug Problems in Teens

Posted: December 28, 2015 by

inadequate sleep


Earlier in 2015, a study conducted by one of the universities in Idaho suggests that inadequate hours of sleep can lead to potential risks of drug and alcohol problems for most of the teens. Thus, American teenagers have already reached the critical level associated with sleeping difficulties.

Maria Wong, the person behind the phenomenal study cited three significant factors such as – having difficulties in sleeping behavior and lack of sleep is prevalent to American adolescents; a new study found out that sleep difficulties can foresee substance use related complications; and these complications include driving while under the influence of alcohol, heavy or binge-drinking, and other sexual behaviors.

The study emphasizes that what have been found out was only the link between alcohol and drug problems and insufficient sleep, and not pertaining to cause-and-effect connection. It is basically how a teenager’s lack of number of sleep can be a gateway to use drugs or alcohol.

‘Most of the time, people tend neglect the importance of having an adequate sleep. Hence, the outcome determines how sleep can be a contributing factor for numerous health related problems that may occur in the future’, she added.

In addition, sleeping problems are significant risk components to depression. Research shows that most of the teens with difficulties in having enough sleep are more likely to be depressed within the span of seven years. Furthermore, the same research also shows that teenagers who are battling with insomnia are having the noticeable increase in substance abuse.

Wong also stresses that parents should consider their children’s sleeping patterns and behaviors. If they are thinking that their children have poor sleep routines, it is a must to have a two way communication and look for the factors that contributes to their children’s dilemmas. Parents play the most significant role in their children’s lives. They could explain how sleep can affect one’s developing minds, social behavior, and self-control.

Parents possess the great power in helping their children to have a healthier future ahead of them. More so, parents should help their kids control their activities before going to bed. Setting up a definite house rules will make a difference. These may include – making sleep a priority rule, sticking to a consistent sleeping schedule, minimal usage of gadgets, keeping electronics out of the bedroom, encouraging each other to have a regular exercise, and help children on handling life’s daily stresses.

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