Alcohol Advertising: How Media Affects Young Minds

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Media play a vital role on how we perceive certain thing. Thus, it is known to be a significant factor in today’s modern era for almost around the world, distinctly in the United States. One of the several aspects that occupy a major role in media is through the world of Advertising. Advertising is being defined as producing advertisements or commercials that persuades the audience to buy or consume a specific product. Households and individuals are being invaded constantly by various type of medium such as television, radio, magazines, and so on.

Society is influenced by media in countless ways. With this, it is highly regarded that one of the society’s major concerns nowadays is the huge influence of alcohol advertising on the developing minds of today’s youth. In addition, adolescents are one of the heavy users of television and today’s modern technologies. Supposedly, alcohol advertisements’ main targets are adults, but unfortunately, young people cannot avoid them. Since advertisements are publicly viewed by everyone, regardless of what gender or age group he or she belongs. It is noted that advertising can be a big factor on affecting the perceptions of youth about alcohol which can influence their potential drinking intention and habits. In the field of advertising, messages that are being presented not only promote such products, but also portrays various concepts on what is important and not. More so, by depicting what is on lime light, what is on the latest trends, and telling young people on how to get in.

It is said that young people are more prone in alcohol drinking because they have no strong reference point on how assess and monitor their way of drinking. Hence, it is proven that adolescents have greater vulnerability to alcoholic drinks compared to adults. Also, it is somewhat proven that alcohol sponsorships on certain events have caused the young people to incorporate alcohol use with sports. In addition, advertising is being partly blamed for making alcoholism an evident problem around the globe.

Parents can definitely make a difference. They also have the power to influence the minds of these young people just like what advertising does. It is imperative to reduce your child’s media use habits. Another important factor would be discussing relevant information and ideas regularly about what a child is seeing in media.

Given this situation, Alcoholic Beverage Advertising Clearance Guide made a specific outline that is intended to help agencies and several advertisers to create commercials that is adhered to CRTC Code or Broadcast Advertising of Alcoholic Beverages. There are major key elements that every agency must have to comply with. These elements further explain that a specific commercial must not encourage alcohol use, should not promote for illegal use, and alcohol should not be portrayed being associated with the use of motor vehicles or other activities that demands a  compelling degree of skill. Also, alcohol should not be correlated with personal attainments, and lastly, it should not promote underage drinking.

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